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Community Services

The following are several Community Services programs courtesy of the City of Wyoming Police Department. The Police Department offers these programs to create an awareness of the role of Law Enforcement within the community, as well as to educate the community on police practices and the equipment they use.

Child Watch

Child Watch of North America informs children how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. It helps teach children how to handle a dangerous situation and works closely with parents, school officials and community organizations in helping prevent abductions. The program also increases public awareness about the problem of missing children, networks with law enforcement agencies and other helping organizations in the search for missing children and provides investigative services and financial support to parents whose child is missing. To date, the Wyoming Police Department manages residential Child Watch sites throughout the City of Wyoming. Contact Staff Sergeant at (616) 530-7324 for more information about this program.

Metro High School Police Academy

In cooperation with the area police departments, the WYPD participates in an annual summer Metro High School Police Academy. The one-week, 50-hour program exposes recent high school graduates to a police academy learning environment modeled after the Michigan Council of Law Enforcement Standards (M.C.O.L.E.S.).  Contact Staff Sergeant at (616) 530-7324 to obtain additional information.

National Night Out

The National Association of Town Watch (NATW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of organized, law enforcement-affiliated crime and drug prevention programs.

The NATW's annual "National Night Out" program, which is held on the first Tuesday each August, has been extraordinarily successful in promoting involvement in crime and drug prevention activities, strengthening police-community relations and encouraging neighborhood camaraderie as part of the fight for safer streets. Since 1984, "National Night Out-America's Night Out Against Crime" has grown to involve over 30 million people from more than 9,000 communities.

Each year the Wyoming Police Department actively participates in the neighborhood "Night Out" celebrations. Contact Staff Sergeant at (616) 530-7324 for more information.

Neighborhood Watch

Strong police and community partnership is a critical component of the Wyoming Police Department's community-oriented policing and problem-solving model. Over the past few years, Wyoming Neighborhood Watch groups have surfaced as highly effective tools in the detection, reporting and prevention of crime and criminal activity.

The Wyoming Police department provides personal assistance to Wyoming residents interested in establishing new Watch Groups and with the facilitation of existing programs.

There are many active Neighborhood Watch groups operating throughout the City. The group participants hold regular meetings that allow you to meet your neighbors and discuss problems which may be occurring in your district and develop strategies and methods for dealing with them. By becoming familiar with your neighborhood, you are better prepared to detect and report suspicious activity or potential problem individuals or vehicles in your area.

If you or your neighbors are interested in establishing a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program in your neighborhood, please contact Staff Sergeant at (616) 530-7324.

Panhandler Resource Initiative

In an effort to reduce the number of panhandlers who may interrupt traffic at intersections, the Wyoming Police Department has developed a program to provide panhandlers with information on community services and resources that are available locally.

Vacation Home Check

Going on vacation? Our Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol provides vacation home checks to the residents of our community - seven days a week!

To schedule this service, please call the RSVP coordinator at 530-7308 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or complete a Vacation Home Check Application that is available at the front desk of the Wyoming Police Department.